3 nuits mars astro

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For the second time of its history the Club of astronomy of Mars organizes a meeting of amateur astronomers.
Are invited all astronomers fascinated of visual, photographic or scientific observation.
( Solar, photometry, spectroscopy, exoplanets etc.)

Situated at a height of 1080 m, provided with a clear horizon and benefiting from a site devoid of light pollution,
we shall welcome the amateurs
who will want to come to share their passion, their knowledge, their techniques.
A big flat field, equipped the electricity will allow in all to install(settle) its instrument,
to observe and to share in good conditions.
The WiFi ( open network) is available
The club also has access to the telescope RC 600 mm settled on the site.
. To share better, the meals will be taken in common in the village hall near the meeting.
Some conferences are being prepared for the afternoons.
A registration(inscription) is asked in advance so that we can receive you at best.
Watch out! limited number of places(squares)!

The club (but in french)  : ici (article astrosurf magazine)

Organised by:  Club d'Astronomie de Mars (Ardèche)